Plantagenet (14th century): Horizontal Braiding, Gorget.
Gorget - When a wimple is worn without a veil, pinned over hair coils on the side of the head (Fig. 19). Sometimes the coils were braided horizontally (Fig.18). Horizontal Braiding- popular in the mid 14th century, the head would go uncovered, but sometimes a fillet would support the plaits ( Fig. 22).

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A good date is matching eyeliner and angst faces.

  • Me: I hiss and carry a big stick.
  • A: You're like the Lady Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Ai: You ARE the Lady Teddy Roosevelt!
  • A: I mean, I've heard you're a rough rider.

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Throne of Blood, 1957 (dir. Akira Kurosawa)

My favorite Kurosawa

This is also, in my opinion, easily one of the best versions of Macbeth. Ever. In fact, I think I might re-watch it tonight…

it’s the best version of macbeth.

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You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

Jackson Galaxy  explains why everything can seem to be going fine and cuddly when your cat suddenly turns mean.

What he calls the “finger nose” actually works great for scratching too, if you go slow and are observant your cat will guide you to where they want skritches, for how long they want them, then where next, just like someone saying “Ohhh, up a little.  A bit  harder.” and will love you for it!

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