Please sign this petition to the producers of House M.D. regarding their mistreatment of the subject of asexuality. →



Everyone who is ace or an ally of aces, please sign this petition to the producers of the FOX TV show “House M.D.” regarding the most recent episode of the show in which they egregiously misrepresented asexuality. After you’ve signed it, please pass this on. Thanks!

Guys, I know I’ve reblogged a lot of shit asking you to sign petitions or whatever recently but this is different. This is about people invalidating me and wanting to fix me, then teaching everyone who’s watching that it’s okay to do that.

It’s not. And unlike gay or lesbian or trans* characters, I don’t have anyone else to look to. This is it. This is what I’ve been represented as in mainstream media.

Which makes it infinitely worse, because now every time I say “I’m asexual” to someone who’s seen House, I won’t have anything else to point to and go “no, it’s really more like this” and so when they say “no, you just haven’t been properly diagnosed yet” they’ll think that they’re speaking truth and I won’t have any way to defend myself.

So please sign this. Don’t let people get away with erasing asexuality’s legitimacy when we don’t yet have a voice with which to fight back.

I’m sorry I reblog so many petitions. There’s just a lot to be angry about.

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    I know some people probably won’t take this seriously, but this was one of the first times asexuality was represented in...
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    Hey followers, care to help your ace buddy with this?
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    It may make a few people feel better to know that concerns have been addressed directly to the writer, and she has...
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    I’m sorry I reblog so many petitions. There’s just a lot to be angry about.
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    I’m tried of fucked up stereotypes of just plain insulting untruths about gender identity and sexual identity portrayed...
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    Haven’t watched it yet, but I’m going to trust you, Puzzle.
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    House claims that asexuality is either a fabrication or an illness. I’m ace, and I’m neither sick nor lying.
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    I like the idea, but what’s it going to achieve at this point? They’re not going to redact an entire episode because 500...
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    I used to be pretty into House, but wow. Just… wow. Signed and signal boosting.
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    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ve heard a lot about it. SIGNAL BOOST
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    Holy shit, yeah, that episode made me nauseous.
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