The 10 Commandments of Bow Ties (via Kempt)

1. All men shalt know how to tie a bow tie. Refresh thy knowledge here.

2. Thou shalt never clip-on. Pre-tied is one thing, but have a little self-respect.

3. Thou shalt respect the differences between styles. Batwing, butterfly and arrowhead: the subtle distinctions explained here.

4. Honor thy bow tie, and thou shalt never need to launder. Though in case of last resort, you should always trust its care to a seasoned professional. (Your local dry cleaner, that is.)

5. Thou shalt not strive for perfection. “A bow tie is like the ideal life. You have to play with it, tweak it, to get it right. Even then, of course, it’s always a bit askew. But it should be.” More on that here.

6. Thou shalt politely smile at any barbershop quartet jokes. And forgive them, because they know not what they mock.

7. Thou shalt not be afraid to dress it down. Roll up your jacketless sleeves in summer, or don your bow tie with a sweater or bomber in the colder months.

8. Remember that black silk is for formal occasions. If it’s just an idle Tuesday, try something more textured like linen or selvage.

9. Thou shalt not fear being bold. But remember, you’re also not here to make any statement other than that bow ties should be more commonplace.

10. Thou shalt not wear a bow tie indiscriminately. Because wearing one every day would dampen the thrill of it all.

A dear friend/surrogate father/style icon just got me a bunch of bowties. 

There’s no turning back.

Added bonus: there’s roosters on this one, making it my THIRD cock tie.



This needs to be me every day.

I have such deep, deep love for this aesthetic, and all it is referencing. 

It reminds me of my tremulous desire to be a dapper Robert Smith.

And dear god something in me just loves the pairing of asskicking boots with an otherwise perfectly appointed outfit.