My brother really loves Sailor Moon, so he wanted to go as tuxedo mask at a con we recently went to. I tried to do a serious photoshoot with him, but he wouldn’t really stay still :/ He was a hit with the ladies though. 

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Hey guys, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the “MeatBall Head” Art show curated by the awesome nicocolaleo in L.A.

This one was fun, I rarely use line and have been having fun with it lately working on comics and planting Easter eggs in my pieces,would’ve liked to have planted more but eh, next time. Hope you like it.

Unfortunately I won’t be there but my piece will- along with some other awesome artists who I work with( wscottforbes, halfglovepunch , perinm & shaburdies ) and some who I follow on tumblr. Go check it out if you’re in the area at at Meltdown Comics/Nerdist Showroom on August 16th ! Should be a good time :).


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I don’t even mean this in a “Hee hee!  That’s totally my headcanon!” or a giggly sort of “Well, I’m not really serious, but it’s funny!” sort of way.  No, I mean this in a 100% This Is Legitimately How I See It way, that Usagi’s attraction to girls in this series is just as valid as her attraction to boys.  Her love for Mamoru is the one that’s the love of her life, this doesn’t interfere with that OTP one bit whatsoever, they’re still an amazing couple and their relationship is still entirely valid.

And that’s why this means so much to me, as someone who sees a lot of myself in various parts of Usagi.  To have a bisexual main character who can fall in love with a person and have an entirely valid and awesome relationship, while still being shown to be bisexual, that means a whole hell of a lot to me.  She’s no less pure or sweet or loyal or in love because she’s attracted to both men and women, THAT IS SOMETHING I CARRY IN MY HEART ALWAYS.

It’s fine if others don’t see Usagi this way.  I disagree, but everyone has their own interpretations, it’s just… when I look at this scene, I can’t see it as any other way.  Ami literally lures Usagi into coming with her by promises of seeing a hot girl, THAT IS THE CLASSIC KIND OF ROMANTIC SET UP, THAT IS NOT ME EXAGGERATING ANYTHING. Usagi blushes and we see the roses framing Rei’s face to let us know that ~*FEELINGS*~ are happening on Usagi’s part.



And then she had huge pink hearts for pupils for the rest of the bus scene, got off the bus just to follow Rei around because she was pretty (okay, Usagi, little creepy there but whatev’), and then the whole rest of the episode is freaking out over how beautiful Rei is. That’s even what she says when Rei turns out to be Sailor Mars…she’s just excited that she gets to hang out with such a pretty girl.

Let’s be real though, in the manga bisexual Usagi was such a thing. She had the ladyhots for Haruka so bad though, I just think of it as almost canon but nobody felt the need to declare it out loud, and she’s monogamous anyway so it never came up.

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…She always had been a curious girl. 

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A Message For Everyone







Regardless of what your opinion is of the “Sailor Says” segment of the Dub, this is a sweet, relevant, well-worded and important message that more people should hear.

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This started as a doodle in my sketchbook that got out of control because I grew really attached to it. I was inspired by the outer senshi and their “unconventional-yet-absolutely-wonderful” family life, as illustrated in the mangas. And by “unconventional”, I don’t mean just because Haruka and Michiru are together. I mean all of them as a unit always felt closer and warmer than the inner senshi. They are all so cute, and I imagined them all at Haruka’s fancy condo, just relaxing and hanging out. I guess ChibiUsa is just visiting, but she’s still a big part of their fam-jam, methinks. 

This is one of my only all-digital pieces, as I find digital work to be a huge pain in the ass but… in this case, worth it. I could still add things forever, but this one sucked me in for days, and I need to get back to my life, hah.

Notes: I drew those little picture frames separately and had way too much fun with them. Also, Haruka’s book says “Negaverses: Bad guys; worse poetry”, heh. Draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, enjoy!

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My little sisters and I just finished the first season of Sailor Moon, and I can’t get over the fashion!!!





Im just in love with this hair ^.^

I never knew how this hairstyle was achieved.

That is way easier than how I did it.

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Off Duty: Lazy Sunday

My Illustration for the ‘Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show’.

Opening night is tonight, starting at 6pm, at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim Ca! 

Hope y’all enjoy it, and have a fantastic time at the show if you’re lucky enough to attend <3

Elizabeth B.

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